Second Language Teacher Education (SLTE) Sig


Zia Tajeddin (Professor of Applied Linguistics, Tarbiat Modares University)


The main aims of the SLTE SIG are to contribute to L2 teachers’ professional development and to heighten research on language teacher education by creating a professional community for sharing academic knowledge, experiences, ideas, and achievements. 

Teacher education has become a transdisciplinary field of inquiry with many long-established and emerging grounds such as teacher identity, reflection, motivation, autonomy, agency, professional development, cognition, ethics, assessment literacy, and language awareness. As such, the conceptualization of teacher education, teacher knowledge base, and teacher instructional practice should be revisited to keep the field aligned with sociocultural theory, complex systems approach, globalization, and critical transcultural language education.

To speed up this transition to more effective teacher education, the SLTE SIG plans to pursue its aims, inter alia, by:

1. Creating a social networking (Telegram channel) to share recent developments in teacher education (The channel link will be introduced shortly)

2. Identifying and discussing opportunities for and barriers to teacher education in the context of Iran in terms of research, teacher education programs and program implementation, teacher instructional practice, and teacher professional development in school, institute, and university contexts

3. Organizing workshops, panel discussions, and speeches focused on aspects of teacher education

4. Running short-term teacher education courses for teachers’ professional development in view of their needs

5. Introducing new issues of teacher education journals as well as special issues devoted to teacher education

6. Introducing new books on teacher education and allowing free access to their contents

7. Introducing researchers in teacher education and their main areas of interests in their personalized words through short audio and video clips

8. Sharing short speeches by leading teacher education scholars through the SIG Telegram channel

9. Introducing national and international conferences and workshops in teacher education

10. Introducing selected MA and PhD dissertations focused on teacher education in Iran

11. Introducing teacher education programs across counties and regions

12. Creating a venue for teachers to share their narratives, individual and collaborative reflections, and action research-based insights

We would like to reach out to all those in academia whose research interest is teacher education to help us with their thoughts on this SIG, its aims, and the strategies for achieving these aims.


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