Translation Studies SIG

Dr. Masood KhoshsalighehChair: Prof. Masood Khoshsaligheh (Ferdowsi University of Mashhad)

Translation Studies as diverse and multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary field of study currently comprises several distinguished areas of focus such as translator education, audiovisual translation, computer-assisted and machine translation, translation and intercultural communication, literary and specialized translation. TS-SIG plans to both recognize the relative autonomy, foundations, and needs of each one and address them all as far as possible. The primary goals of this endeavor are to contribute to the advancement of translation research and pedagogy and to help build towards a deservedly developed translation profession in the Iranian context. To facilitate and expedite the achievement of the said goals, the TS-SIG will pursue the following activities:

- Setting up social networking using a variety of platforms primarily a channel on Telegram to share news and developments about translation and Translation Studies in Iran. The newly set up channel TELLSI Translation ( in mid-Mehr 1399 is open to everyone to join, and it currently has over 310 members.

- Organizing webinars and online workshops by nationally and internationally translation scholars and practitioners. To date several virtual events have been organized including those presented by Dr. Douglas Robinson (Hong Kong U.), Dr. Carol O’Sullivan (Bristol U.), Dr. Behnam Foomeshi (Sydney U.), and Dr. Behzad Barkat (Gilan U.).

- Organizing symposium and conferences focused on specialized areas of translation and interpreting. The first TELLSI symposium on translation by TS-SIG is scheduled for Bahman 23, 1399.

- Facilitating the scholarly collaboration of TELLSI and other scientific research outlets and professional bodies through new Memorandums of Understanding (On-going negotiations with two journals with specialized focus on Translation Studies).

- Conducting needs analysis for local yet world-level textbooks in Translation Studies, considering that the curriculum of the undergraduate program for English translation is recently revised (in use since 1397) and many new courses are introduced to the program while even the central ideas of the courses are novel to many of the current lecturers and relevant sources are unavailable to the teachers and students


- Introducing the new publication and the seminal literature, especially the key books and special issues, in Translation Studies for graduate students and early career scholars

- Organizing specialized edited volumes on translation by using inviting contributions

- Developing and designing a postgraduate training program for teaching translation practice for graduates of other fields of study to train specialized translators

- Organizing special issues in national and international journals to promote guided research in Translation Studies

- Introducing select workshops, webinars, conferences, Call for Papers, open-access journals and books, job vacancies and advanced study opportunities in Translation, Interpreting and Intercultural Studies through the available social media.

- Actively contributing to TELLSI-sponsored academic events and journals to promote the translation-related dimensions to approach the already strong foreign language pedagogy status

- Providing academic guidance and mentorship to the younger generation of TELLSI members including master’s students and graduates

- Promoting the status and recognition of TELLSI Society and its activities in the Translation Studies community in Iran. 





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