Dr. Seyyedeh Susan Marandi (Alzahra University)

With the arrival of the pandemic, educators all over the world have been forced to go online. While this has increased the interest in Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) among language teachers, many of us still feel we are lacking, whether in theoretical knowledge or hands-on skills. Even worse, some overly-confident educators may have falsely equated their recent Emergency Remote Teaching (ERT) skills with pedagogically sound technology-enhanced language education. The TELLSI CALL-SIG attempts to bring together a Community of Practice (CoP) of Iranian language educators in order to help spread awareness leading to sound CALL practices.  To this end, an attempt will be made to achieve the following with the help of other TELLSI members, including yourself:

   1) A needs analysis will be done through the following online survey:

   2) A CALL CoP will be further developed and encouraged through the following mailing list:

 Among other benefits resulting from this networking, it is hoped that this would naturally facilitate the exchanging of relevant news as well as the discovery of likeminded colleagues and potential research partners.

  3) Both short- and long-term CALL educational programs will be introduced/offered, including the full range of speeches, workshops, panel discussions, seminars, conferences, courses, etc.

  4) Useful/relevant CALL-related articles, journals, books, conferences, forums, theses, dissertations, video clips etc. will be introduced.

 Naturally, all this can only be achieved through the sustained active support of TELLSI members; therefore, I look forward to receiving your assistance in various forms, whether through simple tasks such as responding to the above-mentioned survey and joining the mailing list, to providing me with feedback, joining in on the discussions, and offering your expertise and assistance in any way you can.

Looking forward to learning more with you and growing together. 😊


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