Benefits of TELLSI membership:

Benefits of TELLSI membership:

·         SIGs (Special Interest Groups)

o    You can become a member of a given SIG and take part in the discussions there. The discussions are basically in the form of questions raised by group members together with comments that other members give. In this way, you get to know about other people's concerns which might sometimes help you come up with good topics for your own research.

·         Discount in conferences

o    As a TELLSI member, you can enjoy discounts for TELLSI conference fees annually. 

·         Access to TEL Journal

o    Once you are a TELLSI member, you are able to access the electronic version of TEL Journal simply by signing into your account.

·         Full Access to Darya Digital Library

·         The Jungle publications are offering a 50% discount to TELLSI members.

·         Receive notifications 

o    All TELLSI members receive notifications regarding any upcoming event related to TEFL including conferences, seminars, workshops, so on.