Farhangian University of Khuzestan in collaboration with TELLSI

Intl Conference on Narratives on Teaching/Learning Language

Intl Conference on Narratives on Teaching/Learning Language

 The first international Conference on Narratives on Teaching/Learning Language is held by Farhangian University of Khuzestan Province in Ahvaz. The main focus of this conference, sponsored by Teaching English and Literature Society of Iran, is to present the latest scientific, teaching and research findings and transfer scientific and applied experiences of experts, thinkers and teachers in the field of (English) language teaching, literature and translation, as well as creating more interaction between researchers and teachers in this field, especially experienced teachers and professors and also novice teachers in national and International levels. Numerous narratives based on experiences in different cultural and teaching contexts and learning will lead to consensus and transfer of useful and effective experiences. The aims of the conference are as follows:  

- Reflect on the teacher's perspective in the classroom and class evaluation and assessment

 Familiarity with ELT approaches, challenges and processes -

Exchange the international experiences -

Error analysis and how to deal with them -

Attention to cultural issues in language teaching -

Improving technology productivity in teaching -

Improving classroom management and teaching skills with psychological approaches -

Research on lesson study and narrative study as methods of educational research -

Familiarity with new experiences in new generation classroom management -

Improving the level of scientific knowledge of teachers in new approaches, attitudes and teaching-learning methods -

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