TELLSI Membership

To be the member of TELLSI, please follow the following steps:

A. Fill in the online membership application form.

B. Check your email and validate your email address. You will be directed to your profile where you can set your password.

C. After saving your account you need to pay the member ship fee and become a TELLSI member.

Annual fee for Faculty members, Professors and PhD holders: 1,000,000 Rials (1,500,000 Rials from Sep 17 to Dec 9, 2021) 

Annual fee for PhD, MA, and BA Students: 500,000 Rials (800,000 Rials from Sep 17 to Dec 9, 2021) 

Important note: During TELLSI18 Conference, the fee follows the conference regulation as mentioned above (Read the conditions here)

E. Please note: Membership covers journal Subscription, Membership, and expenses and registration discount in the events supervised or sponsored by TELLSI.

To pay the registration fee, please transfer the above-mentioned fees separately to the Bank Card Number 6037-9918-9999-1818 and send the receipt(s) to the TELLSI email address at

Benefits of TELLSI Membership