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new webpage

Dear Dr. Marandi,

Many thanks to you and and your restless efforts now telssi enjoys the new website design which is actually perfect for the time.

I also thank Mr. drupal developer  (I forgot his name) and his team.



request for filling a survey questionnaire

Dear sir
I am studying in Efl branch . I conducted a questionnaire for my research which is based on iranian teachers view of culture in language teaching .I will be very thankful to you if you help me to present your ideas in the survey. If you are eagered to help me , please cantact me by my email address :

Many thanks

Greetings & salutations

Dear Dr. Marandi I was not privileged to be a student of you. I am studyin TEFL in IAU of Sanandaj. I am a student of one of your great students, Dr. Fathi, and working on my dissertation at the moment, about MALL and its effects on depth of vocabulary knowledge. 

It is actually great to have this chance here to be a student of you, a remarkable face in TEFL in Iran. 

Finally, I almost forgot to say, I'm alive and kicking! ;)


Shabanm Noorbakhsh

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TESOL Workshops in Iran- Directly from TESOL Canada


My name is Jennifer Steel and I am the Administrative Director of TESOL Canada.  We are currently trying to find a recognized agency, teachers association, teacher union or federation or a reputable institution & school in Iran to establish and implement  TESOL teachers training programs based on TESOL Canada   and TESOL USA Standards. TESOL Certificate and TESOL Diplomas are available in 10 languages of English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Arabic, Chinese, Turkish, Russian and Farsi. We hope with your cooperation we would be able to start this join operation in Iran. 

With your contacts with administration of TELLSI organization and other reputable institutions, we hope that you can help us in establishing such a joint cooperation between our two organizations. 

Please contact me be email so that I can share our catalogue and more information with you. 

Thank You

Jennifer Steel

Director of Administration

TESOL Canada

6021 Yonge Street, Unit 898

Toronto, ON- M2M3W2 - Canada

Tel: 1 (888) 360-3113 

Need urgent help!

Dear Dr. Marandi

I am an MA student of TEFL at Allameh Mohaddes Nouri university. I am working on my dissertation at the moment the title of which is "An Exploration of High School Teachers' Evaluation of Ninth Grade English Textbook "Prospect 3" ".In order to conduct a large scale study, my supervisor has recomended me to put my checklist(online) and post it to to have the evaluation of a large number of teachers over the country. I have done that, but unfortunately I have faced with some problems. I would now respectfully ask you to help me, since I have no more time! I mean I would respectfully ask you to tell me how can I send my email to TELLSI members by which they can participate in the study with just clicking on the link in my email? I am eagerly waiting for your helpful and invaluable response. my email address: shining.moon &

respectfully yours

Marziyeh Nourbaran

 Mazandaran, Iran


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please add a submission guide for TELL.


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