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As you may be aware,  Iranian Journal of Language Teaching Research (IJLTR) is planning  to publish one Special Issue each year beginning with 2016 (in addition to two regular issues which appear on  the 1st of January and July every year). Special Issues are theme-based and  guest-edited by leading figures in the field. 


Following the announcement o​f 2016 Special Issue on  Teacher Education (to be edited by Prof. Jack C Richards, University of Sydney),  I am pleased to announce that the guest-editors and themes for 2017, 2018 and 2019 Special Issues are now ​finalized

. Call for papers  is now open for all Special Issues (details below). 

2017 Special Issue: 

Guest editor: John​ I Liontas, PhD (University of South Florida)

Theme: Idiomaticity and​ Language Teaching Research Sub-theme​s:

attainment of native-like idiomatic competence in ​ESL/EFL applications of new media and multimedia technologies for idiomatic learning linguistic, pragmatic, or techno-pedagogical concerns ​in developing idiomatic competence teacher training and professional development, materials and curriculum development, assessment ​issues as related to developing idiomaticity

Deadline for paper submission: 1 March 2017

2018 Special Issue: 

Guest editor: Dan Douglas, PhD (Iowa State University)

Theme: Assessment for Teaching


Assessment for Learning (AfL)

Learning Oriented Language Assessment (LOLA)

Alternatives in Assessment (AA)

Language Assessment Literacy (LAT)

Testers' Professional Development (TPD)

and any practical  aspect of language assessment


Deadline for paper submission: 1 March 2018

2019 Special Issue: 

Guest editor: Sandra Lee McKay, PhD (San Fran​c​isco State University)

Theme: Teaching English as an International Language


Assessing proficiency in EIL

Standards in EIL

Intercultural competence and EIL

The use of digital media in EIL teaching/learning

Lexical innovation in EIL

Teaching the four skills in EIL

Monolingual and bilingual EIL teachers

Differentiating WE, ELF and EIL

Pragmatics and EIL

The historical development of EIL 

Deadline for paper submission: 1 March 2019


20​20​ Special Issue: 

Guest editor​s​: 
​Zia Tajeddin, PhD (​Allameh Tabataba'i University)​ &  Minoo Alemi, PhD (Sharif University of Technology)​


Discourse in Second Language Classroom Context Sub-themes: 

Politeness and Impoliteness in ​Teacher and Learner Talk

Teachers’ and Learners’ Discoursal Identity

Teachers’ Discoursal Strategies for Learner Participation and Engagement

Discourse of Resistance in Teacher and Learner Talk

Discourse of Power and Agency in Teacher Talk

Gendered Discourse in the Classroom Context

Teachers’ and Learners’ Use of Speech Acts

Discourse of ​ ​Humor in  Classroom Context

Discourse of​ ​ Turn Construction in  Classroom Context 


Deadline for paper submission: 1 March 2020​

Research-based papers can be submitted on the main theme and sub-themes of each Special Issue b​y​ the deadlines provided above.​ ​Potential contributors are invited to send their manuscripts to IJLTR editor ( following guidelines for submission available at the journal website​.​ 


Submissions should be in the form of email attachments, with the following phrase as the subject of the email: Submission for 2017 /2018/ 2019 Special Issue on Idiomatic​i​ty/Assessment/EIL.​ ​For further information on journal's other regular and special issues, visit the journal website:


Please feel free to ​w​idely distribute the message  among your colleagues, links and contact
​ list​s. Looking forwards to receiving your quality papers for the Special Issues (and regular issues).


Karim Sadeghi, PhD
Founding Editor and Editor-in-chief 
Iranian Journal of Language Teaching Research (IJLTR)


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