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Certified by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, Teaching English Language and Literature Society of Iran (TELLSI) was officially recognized in Farvardin 8, 1383 (March 2007) through the considerable efforts of the late Dr. Seyed Ali Akbar Mirhassani and other TEFL academics in Iran. TELLSI aims at developing and promoting TEFL learners' knowledge base, improving the quality of experts’ practice and advancing teaching and research. Read More...


  • The condolence message of TELLSI president on the passing of Dr. Mohammad Amin Ghaneirad

  • 16th International TELLSI Conference will be held at Shiraz University on November 14-16.

  • Journal Selection and Publication In Applied Linguistics

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  • Following the decision made by the TELLSI board

  • Three SATEB programs by ILI




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